Higher Kriya Yoga Initiation

Important information for higher Kriya applicants

To receive higher Kriya training, you must:

  1. Have been initiated into Kriya Yoga by the Paramahamsa Hariharananda’s lineage, and
  2. Have practiced your current technique “regularly” for at least three years.

Regular practice includes but is not limited to one or more of the following:

  1. Personal meditation on a regular basis
  2. Attending group Kriya Yoga meditations at least once per month in a 12 month period
  3. Attending retreats whenever possible
  4. Voluntary services rendered to Kriya Yoga

If there are any questions about what might constitute “regular” practice, please phone Vice-President, Nitin Dhavale on mb 022 095 4815.

Applicants are required to describe their practice below. Applications are subject to approval.

Please state below when, where and by whom you received previous initiations:

Initiation Fee

The cost of initiation is $250, which is due upon registration.

  • $150 of this is forwarded to the Hariharananda Balashram, an orphanage in India run by the Kriya Yoga Institute.
  • $20 is a contribution towards lunch and refreshments offered at the venue. A vegetarian lunch is provided on both days of the weekend.
  • An annual membership fee of $100 ($60 unwaged) is requested each year (note, KYANZ is a non-profit organisation that exists by virtue of donations and the annual membership fee).